At Crown Jewellers we pride ourselves in the quality of our gemstones. As a company we have an ethos of bringing the different and spectacular to our customers and nowhere is this more evident than our gemstones. We are now in the envious position where we can bring you gemstones of the very finest quality from the best cutters in the world. 

John Dyer

Anyone that has been into the shop and spoken to our goldsmith will undoubtedly already have heard this name and for a very good reason. John is a master gemstone cutter known worldwide for his artistic ability and passion for precision. He has won 44 cutting awards since 2002 taking a total of 11 first place prizes. Amongst the many awards are 40 AGTA Cutting Edge Awards. Additionally, John is the only gem cutter who has swept all the awards in one category of the AGTA competition, which he did in 2005, 2007 & 2015. These many awards firmly establish him as a leader in his field. 

How a gemstone looks is all-important. People buy a gem so that it will look good, both to themselves and to others. That’s where good cutting comes in. Many gemstones only sparkle around the outside with a kind of dead spot in the middle. This is known as a “windowed” or “fish eye” gemstone.  When the bottom facets are cut at too shallow an angle, the light passes through without being reflected. This results in a stone with a ring of brightness around the outside and a lighter colored “window” in the center. In these modern times “windows” are for computers. Poor cutting belongs to a bygone era when customers were not educated or picky enough to care about the quality of their gem. A simple "colored stone" becomes a real GEM with good cutting."                                                                                      -John Dyer

A link to Johns website can be found here. Any of the stones you see we are able to get into the shop for you to view.